About Me


I’ve been professionally quilting many years.
I love all kinds of quilts, colors, fabrics, quilting techniques. 
Since my purchase of a long arm quilting machine I have taken a new direction in my passion for quilting. I now spend some days at home enjoying the hum of my long arm quilting machine.

I usually design my own patterns, I find inspiration in a large variety of places.
I have won several blue ribbons in my professional quilting career, so I am confident that my workmanship is top quality. 
I really do have a tremendous passion/obsession for all things quilt and quilting related. I LOVE QUILTS!!

My family is supportive of my obsession with quilting, often times they have to fend for themselves when supper rolls around but they usually don’t complain too much. We have four grown children, three grand daughters, three grand sons unfortunately they lives as far away as Alaska and Idaho so I don’t get to spoil them as much as I would like to. This leaves me with plenty of free time for quilting!. ​